BMO Series Patient Monitor

Handheld Patient Monitor/ ICU Patient Monitor/ Vital Signs Monitor/Blood Pressure Monitor/ EtCO2 Monitor

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BMO Modular Monitor, OEM Accepted.



12.1" Module Monitor



15" Multi-parameter ECG monitor

Why choose a BMV patient monitor?

CFDA +CE Registered Medical Accuracy Trusted by Clinics


We use technologies trusted by hospitals and clinics. 

Ease of Use

We design products for users, turn complex medical tests into simple home checks.

Patient & Doctor

We make doctor-patient closely connect, by providing accuracy and intelligence.

Color Doppler Ultrasound System

Redefine Price/ Performance the Ultrasound System

Modular Monitor

Handheld Patient Monitor/Modular Monitor/ Vital Signs Monitor/Blood Pressure Monitor/ EtCO2 Monitor

BMV - Specialist for health & well-being, prevention, diagnostics and therapy

We want you to feel great! It is important to check your blood pressure regularly in order to recognize high blood pressure monitor early on or to monitor your blood pressure. BMV upper arm and wrist blood pressure monitors guarantee safety and reliability.

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