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Helping Improve Safety and Clinical Efficiencies on the General Ward

The general ward is challenged by low nurse-to-patient ratios, increasing case complexity and variability. Clinicians have long understood the value of monitoring in helping to alleviate these burdens, but previous solutions for this environment have been intermittent, delayed and/or limited in their effectiveness. 

BMO series and VueSign™ series continuous monitoring should measure heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, pulse oximetry, respiratory rate and level of consciousness. These core vital signs are key to report physiological instability. With a rapid response BMV system, alarms for vital signs outside of accepted ranges allow for a successful rescue. Vital sign trending takes this a step further by assisting clinicians to identify true alarms and reduce “alarm fatigue.” Nursing and medical staff can visually see whether a patient is stabilizing or destabilizing and react appropriately.

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