MX3 High-frequency point-of-care ultrasound machine for healthcare pros.

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MX3 Dual probe ultrasound scanner

Three/Two transducers. One probe.


Phased+Linear+Convex 1 transducer.

Frequency:Convex+Phased 3.5MHz/5MHz Linear 7.5MHz/10MHz

Max Depth: 305mm/100mm

Applicaons: bedside cardiac,ABD vascular access. Breast, MSK, Nerve, Ocular, Small Parts,Anesthesia


Linear+Convex 1 transducer.

Frequency: Convex 3.5MHz/5MHz Linear 7.5MHz/10MHz

Max Depth: 305mm/100mm

Applications: Ideal for: Abdominal, Lung, Superficial, Vascular


Endocavity-Convex transducer.

Frequency: Endocavity-6.5MHz/8.5MHz Convex 3.5MHz/5MHz

Max Depth: 100mm/305mm

Applications: Abdominal, OB/GYN, Superficial, Vascular


Endocavity-Linear transducer.

Frequency: Endocavity-6.5MHz/8.5MHz Linear 7.5MHz/10MHz

Max Depth: 100mm/100mm

Applications: Vascular, Lung. Breast, MSK, Nerve, Ocular, Small Parts / Animals,Anesthesia

MX3 Single probe Wireless ultrasound scanner

BMV specialized handheld ultrasound scanners provide the best form factor and performance for your specialty.

C2 L7 HD:192 elements Linear/Convex

C2 L7:128 elements Linear/Convex


Designed for abdominal scanning and MSK, Nerve,

Ocular,Small Parts

C2E L7E B/W systems


Designed for abdominal scanning and MSK, Nerve, Ocular,Small Parts

MX3 handheld ultrasound scanner

MX300 Touch’s powerful ultrasound technology can be used in many clinical, hospital or practice settings and can easily be taken from room to room. This may prove invaluable for physicians in today’s busy practice environment including not only primary care physicians but also those specializing in critical care and women’s health, as well as hospitalists.

Handheld Touch Design

Superior image quality
7 inches high resolution, anti-glare touch-screen
Built-in 4+ hour battery
Cine loop 512 frames Peripheral Ports: USB, TV-OUT Scanning depth up to 300mm
Multi-Beam Imaging formation technology
Light Weight Design to reduce neck/hand strain
Save over 1000 Images Image export via USB/SD supported

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